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What is PepeTeam?

Last updated on Mar 22, 2024

PepeTeam is a highly qualified, anonymous, and independent development team. The team does not provide financial advice and is not affiliated with other crypto companies. We are open to new ideas and work exclusively in the interests of the crypto community. At the heart of all our decisions are maths, experience, and dreams!

PepeTeam was formed in 2022 from active ideologists of WEB3 technology. We fundamentally abandoned the development of corporate solutions that do not take into considerations the community opinion and do not heed the advice of the majority of users. We believe that together with the community we are able to create the best DeFi products on the global market. Our professional team already includes various developers (backend / frontend / contracts / mobile), designers, analysts and 24/7 support. We are opened to new collaborations and glad to accept new team members. Come join us to create the future of WEB3.

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