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How to buy cryptocurrencies with the PepeTeam?

There is no easier and more convenient way to buy cryptocurrency than through the PepeTeam. The PepeTeam provides its users with the possibility to buy cryptocurrency via one of the best payment providers in the galaxy - Mercuryo. Very soon we add more best-in-the-galaxy payment providers and, also, the opportunity to sell crypto for fiat. Stay tuned with our announcement channel! But now…let’s buy some crypto! Well, first of all, you need to follow the link and start our Telegram bot. After that, get ready for the magic and only if you're ready, tap on the "Launch App" button. 😜 "Cool! Wow! Amazing!", we hope exactly such words will cross your mind when you see the purchase interface. If so, calm down and continue. 😎 In the next step, select the "BUY" option (the "SELL" option will be available soon). 😎 Then select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and enter the amount you decide to buy (the bigger the better). The amount that you need to spend to make a purchase will appear on the screen near the purchase amount field (this amount depends on the payment provider fee). 😎 Finally, you have to select the payment provider through which you want to make a purchase and let us know where to transfer "your precious". Simply put, enter/paste the recipient address where the purchased cryptocurrency will be transferred to. 😎 Check the purchase details and tap on the "BUY" button to continue. Don’t be scared because you will be redirected to the payment provider's site to complete the purchase. Enter the necessary data, pay the purchase and your coins will showed up to the recipient address within 60 minutes. Do some questions remain after reading this awesome rich article? - If so, try to ask them our support.

Last updated on Mar 22, 2024