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PepeTeam Cross-chain Swap

Table of contents: - About... - Swap! Swap! Swap! About... The first step of the PepeTeam towards bridging the world is the creation of…bridges, of course. As of now, bridges have already been launched in Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Waves blockchains for USDT, USDC, ETH, BNB and many other tokens. Bridge building for the Tron, Ton, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Monero and many other blockchains is in full swing. When some of the bridges had already been implemented, and the work on creating new bridges became a routine matter, we thought about a rest expanding their functionality and implement cross-chain swaps. User must have the ability to lock its tokens on a smart contract, for example, in the Ethereum network to get the same token in the Polygon network. But that's easier said than done! Where will the token on the PepeTeam smart contract arise from in the Polygon network? "Liquidity pools!" we shouted in unison. Some users put their tokens into the pool and get rewarded for it, while others use them for cross-chain swaps. Brilliant idea, right? Nobody has ever done this before! (just joke 😎) Swap! Swap! Swap! We got so carried away with the development of Swap SC that we completely forgot about the Swap UI 🙈. Whew, it's good that our friends from the WX Network team came to help us. So, at the moment you can use WX Network UI until we create our own interface. So, to make a swap, first of all, you need to make sure that the PepeTeam pool has the token you need and swap parameters are satisfied you. These and other cool stuff are available on the 'Swap' page of WX Network site. Tip: The amount of token you will receive depends on the balances of swapped tokens in the PepeTeam pool. The smaller the tokens in the pool, the more profitable to swap them for the tokens which are more in the pool. If you are delighted with what you see, then it's time to move on to the second step - deposit tokens through the PepeTeam bridge (of course, if you did not do it already). Just follow this awesome instruction to deposit tokens. Keep in mind, that Tokens’ balances in the PepeTeam pool and, accordingly, the swap parameters may change during the deposit. … ( pause for 15-20 minutes until the token is deposited; take some tea or call your mother while waiting) Okay, let's move on! Go back to the 'Swap' page and select tokens that you want to swap, for example, USDT-ERC20 and USDT-BEP20. Then enter the amount of USDT-ERC20 that you want to swap for USDT-BEP20 and check the swap conditions. And finally, click on the 'Swap'. For each swap you pay a fee which PepeTeam stakers receive. Don't you know what the PepeTeam Staking is?! - Shame on you! Read this article quickly before it's too late! In a minute, you will receive a Token that can be invested in the WX Network's liquidity pool or withdrawn to the initial blockchain through the PepeTeam Bridge. Do some questions remain after reading this awesome rich article? - If so, try to ask them to our support.

Last updated on Mar 22, 2024