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Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

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Have you heard it?! Crypto exchanges and DeFi projects are going nuts - there is not a single WAVES left in circulation, everything is invested into sWAVES staking. "What should we do now?!", they asking yourself while sweating cold and going faint... Well, no worries, PepeTeam knows exactly what to do - we need a new investing product! And you know what's even better? PepeTeam already has one! But this time our approach is much more "global", for we are aiming to obtain EVERY FREAKING SINGLE STABLECOIN IN THIS WORLD!!!

As you already know, when transferring Token to Waves Blockchain via PepeTeam bridge, a user gets a wrapped Token. When transferring backward, the Token can be sent only to its source blockchain from which it originally came: USDT-ERC20 to Ethereum, USDT-BEP20 to BSC, USDT-POLY to Polygon and etc. We find this approach effective, but at the same time restricting in terms of cross-chain operations, and this is why PepeTeam decided to introduce a synthetic token - USDT-PPT/USDC-PPT. We believe the new token should defragment the liquidity of assets transferred to Waves Blockchain through PepeTeam bridge. It simplified interaction with PepeTeam bridge and its infrastructure for DeFi projects. Also, it is allowed to create new investing and trading tools. And the first such tool is USDT-PPT/USDC-PPT staking. To stake, for example, USDT-PPT via PepeTeam, you need to load, for example, USDT-ERC20 into the PepeTeam pool, get USDT-PPT, and stake it. Loaded tokens will be used by other users for cross-cain swaps. Sounds cool, right? Ah, one more thing, each USDT-PPT staker receive income taken as a fraction of the fee paid by the swap initiator. Blimey, now that is definitely sounds cool!

Let me stake!

We got so carried away with the development of Staking SC that we completely forgot about the staking UI 🙈. Whew, it's good that our friends from the WX Network team came to help us. So, at the moment you can use WX Network UI until we create our own interface.

First of all, get some USDT/USDC and deposit it to the Waves blockchain through the PepeTeam Bridge. Oh, you already did that? - Sorry, I didn't notice. Then, import your Waves address into the WX Network site and go to the 'Swap' page. There you will swap your deposited "wrapped" USDT/USDC to a similar synthetic token (USDT-PPT or USDC-PPT) that you will stake after that.

If you deposited, for example, USDT from Ethereum, then select the the USDT-ERC20 in the left field and USDT-PPT in the right field. Are you coped? OK, now enter the USDT-ERC20 amount you want to swap and familiarize with the amount of synthetic USDT-PPT you will receive. If everything suits you, then click on the 'Swap' button.

In a minute, you will receive USDT-PPT that you can stake via the 'PepeTeam Staking' tab of WX Network site. It'll take you one more minute at the most: specify the amount you wish to stake and click the 'Stake' button.

From now on, you will be rewarded after each cross-chain swap. The reward is accumulated and you can claim it at any time. Picking you reward up is a walk in the park, just need to click the 'Claim' button on the same page.

Unstaking (it's not necessary at all)

Unfortunately, tokens unstaking is easy as well. It is not needed to wait a months or have a black belt in karate, just click on the 'Unstake' button on the 'PepeTeam Staking' tab.

Do some questions remain after reading this awesome rich article? - If so, try to ask them to our support.